LED lamp assembly line/production line

1. 1.2m SMT solder paste printerFunction: printing solder paste on PCBTech specificationPrinter table size1280*320mmFrame size1300*320mmMax PCB size1200*300PCB thickness0.2-2.0mmPrint position immobilizationPCB quter or pin positioningMicro plate adjustmentFront/back ±10mm R/L ±10mmPrint accuracy±0.02mmRepea

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1. 1.2m SMT solder paste printer
LED Lamp Assembly Line/Production Line
Function: printing solder paste on PCB
Tech specification
Printer table size1280*320mm
Frame size1300*320mm
Max PCB size1200*300
PCB thickness0.2-2.0mm
Print position immobilizationPCB quter or pin positioning
Micro plate adjustmentFront/back ±10mm R/L ±10mm
Print accuracy±0.02mm
Repeated print accuracy±0.05mm
Minimum interval0.35mm
Vacuum pressure4-6kg/cm2
Power supply220V, 50/60Hz, 100w
Power supplySingle phase 220V, 50/60Hz, 100w
2. 4-head LED pick and place machine
LED Lamp Assembly Line/Production Line

Function: mounting LED chips or components on PCB

LED Lamp Assembly Line/Production Line
Main tech specifications:
Mounting nozzle/heads4 pieces
Max board sizes1200*300 (others can made by your requirements)
Max moving rangeX axis 1220mm, y axis 430mm, z axis 20mm
Stable speed (actual speed)20000cph for straight PCB (like LED tubes), 15000 for round PCB (like LED bulbs)
Mounting accuracy±0.01mm
Max speed23000cph
Position methodCamera auxiliary position
Components availableCover all kinds of LEDs and most of resistors, ic, capacitors, inductors
Feeder8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 24mm, 32mm, normally can load 6 pieces 8mm feeders
Air pressure supply0.6MPa=6kgf/cm2(very little)
Power supply220V, 50/60Hz, 0.5kw, single phase
WeightAbout 500kgs
Screw ball rod THK
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